Design Consulting

Not sure of the exact look for your project? Let's set up a consultation!

We have a talented designer for you to work with if you are unsure of your materials, colors, and choices of design details. We can take on projects from simply refacing exactly what you have, to making subtle or substantial changes with new custom built cabinets.

What our customers are saying

Beautiful job which saved at least 40% of what it would have cost to replace all the cabinets. My wife really likes the custom pantry and everyone who sees it is impressed.
Michael D
Atlanta, GA
Our new Kitchen is perfect – We didn’t want to waste money tearing out perfectly good cabinets. Reface & Custom Cabinets repurposed many of the lower cabinets, and built a new oven cabinet for us. Refacing was a great was to go with our project
Grant E
Sandy Springs, GA
Our kitchen is transformed into a beautiful modern space, and the custom bar to replace our obsolete desk is perfect.
Larry W
Atlanta, GA
My kitchen looks great. Complete transformation from old Oak cabinets. Refeace & Custom Cabinets even created some custom millwork for my island. Overall very satisfied.
Gene H
Alpharetta, GA
I am so happy with my new kitchen, and friends who come over are just amazed by the transformation.
Lucia R.
Alpharetta, GA


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Frequent Questions

Refacing - Refinishing - Resurfacing What's the difference?

Refacing means the old doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet trim pieces are removed and a new surface material is bonded onto your existing cabinet boxes. The old doors, and drawer fronts are discarded and replaced with new ones. All materials are prefinished offsite in your choice of finish, with a 10 year limited warranty. Refacing is the least disruptive method as compared to refinishing or replacing your cabinets. Our company, Reface Cabinets and Custom Cabinets, specializes in using 1/4" thick solid wood for refacing. We have other products available but the thick solid wood refacing is the premier way to go.

Refinishing involves Painting or Re-Staining your cabinets, re-using your existing doors and drawer fronts. This can be an economical alternative to refacing, but strong solvent odors and dust issues are part of on-site spray finishing. Oak cabinets are problematic because of the grain of the wood. If you are looking to get your cabinets painted or stained a different color and are not willing to replace your doors, you need to call someone else. We quit doing on site painting work many years ago.

Resurfacing is a non specific term in this sense, because it could mean either Refacing or Refinishing. Generally when people call to inquire about resurfacing, they really want to repaint their cabinets.


If you have any questions, we'd love to get on the phone and talk about your project as a first step. Send us a message or just call us at 770-352-2439. If our services seem to be a good fit we can set up a no cost consultation.

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