Reface & Custom Cabinets FAQs

Have a cabinetry-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

Do you provide thermofoil refacing?

No, we don't do thermofoil refacing on our custom cabinets.

Can you do custom colors?

We can do custom colors, we will match Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors. And for those looking for white/off-white, we have several standard colors to choose from.

According to the Woodworking Network, the demand for custom cabinets is currently worth over $101 million. When you work with us, you'll get truly custom cabinets.

Do I need to replace my drawers and drawer glides if I'm refacing my kitchen?

If your drawer fronts come off of your drawer boxes, new drawers are optional. Otherwise, they are required. To learn more about updating your custom cabinets, give us a call.

Do your doors have MDF in them?

No. Our doors are solid maple doors and have no MDF in them whatsoever. The same is true for any custom cabinets we've built. Your new custom cabinets will be built to last.

Do the cabinets get painted during refacing?

Cabinet refacing does not require any painting. All the exterior surfaces of the custom cabinets, including the kickplate, are covered with new panels and veneer exactly finished to match the new doors. The last step before putting on the new doors and drawer fronts is all the trim, such as crown molding, is replaced.

Will you reface my bathroom vanity?

We can always add bathroom vanity refacing onto a new kitchen refacing project, as additional work. If you are looking to do a vanity by itself, we are not set up for that. It's not that we don't want to help people with their cabinet needs. The reasons include, there are minimum costs to get someone out to measure and order materials, the cost of project management, and the cost of bringing out a crew to do the refacing work, plus insurance and other overheads. These costs just don't scale down enough for us to take on very small jobs. A realistic minimum size refacing project is about $5000 which is out of proportion to what is is worth to reface a typical vanity.

Can you re-use my existing cabinet drawers?

Usually the existing drawers can be used and we just put new fronts on them. The best case scenario for the customer who doesn't want the expense of new drawers, is if the existing drawer fronts are screwed on and not stapled and glued on. If the fronts are not able to be removed, new drawers are required. And if the old drawers are in bad shape or the glides are worn out, it is generally better to replace the drawers and glides. If you need new drawers, they will be made of clear coated Baltic birch, with Dovetail corners, and mounted on Blum soft close full extension under-mount glides. Maple is an extra cost option instead of Baltic birch.

Can you replace my countertops too?

Reface Cabinets has a top notch Granite and Quartz partner company, for our customers who need new countertops. They have a great track record doing quality installations.

Let's discuss your needs and we will work to come up with a great solution for your kitchen or bath.

What species of wood does your company use for refacing?

For solid color jobs such as white or off white finishes, we use paint grade Maple. For stained finishes, we most commonly work with maple, but we can work in any hardwood species that is commercially available in the furniture industry. A majority of our projects are done in maple because it is beautiful, durable, and can be stained to match any desired look. 

Of the stained wood projects which are not Maple, Cherry is by far and away the next most popular. Cherry takes stain very evenly and typically has a beautiful and attractive grain which will provide gorgeous looking cabinets.

Refacing - Refinishing - Resurfacing What's the difference?

Refacing means the old doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet trim pieces are removed and a new surface material is bonded onto your existing cabinet boxes. The old doors, and drawer fronts are discarded and replaced with new ones. All materials are prefinished offsite in your choice of finish, with a 10 year limited warranty. Refacing is the least disruptive method as compared to refinishing or replacing your cabinets. Our company, Reface Cabinets and Custom Cabinets, specializes in using 1/4" thick solid wood for refacing. We have other products available but the thick solid wood refacing is the premier way to go.

Refinishing involves Painting or Re-Staining your cabinets, re-using your existing doors and drawer fronts. This can be an economical alternative to refacing, but strong solvent odors and dust issues are part of on-site spray finishing. Oak cabinets are problematic because of the grain of the wood. If you are looking to get your cabinets painted or stained a different color and are not willing to replace your doors, you need to call someone else. We quit doing on site painting work many years ago.

Resurfacing is a non specific term in this sense, because it could mean either Refacing or Refinishing. Generally when people call to inquire about resurfacing, they really want to repaint their cabinets.

Will you just come paint (or stain) my current cabinets?

If you are just looking for a color change, without replacing your doors and drawer fronts, we cannot help you. Our specialty is cabinet refacing, and we do not do onsite painting or onsite stain finishing. All materials we bring in for your project will be finished off site by our paint shop in the finish of your choice, before we come back to do your work.

Our craft is custom cabinetry. Here's what we don't do.

We believe in focus, so we do not "do it all." But we do have some trusted partners: other craftspeople that believe in quality as much as we do. These are folks we can refer with confidence. Now if you really want us to, we can hire this work done for you, but it will be more cost effective for you to hire them than for us hire them and then bill out their work.

we refer...


We have three licnesed plumbers to refer for general plumbing, as well as running Gas lines.

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Electrical work

We have two highly qualified electricians to reccomend for our customer's projects.

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Granite Countertops

We have a granite parter who as a great track record of quality work. They have done the counter tops for many of our customers. We have worked with them for about 5 years. They also sell Quartz, just to address a common question.