Cabinet Refacing

We are often asked about the difference between cabinet refacing and cabinet replacing. Unfortunately, many homeowners are misled into thinking they need all brand-new cabinets (replacing) even though they really don’t. If you are currently happy with the layout of your kitchen and are just looking for an overall update in style and/or functionality, refacing will be the best solution.

Cabinet refacing is all about removing the existing doors, drawer faces, and if needed the complete drawer boxes, and installing new ones in the color or stain of your choice. Then, a matching wood veneer will cover all exposed parts of the existing cabinet frame, and all moldings such as crown molding, shoe moldings, and other trim pieces selected will be matched.

In addition to refacing your cabinets, our company specializes in custom offerings to meet your specific kitchen style and needs accordingly. Some popular additions include:

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Cabinet refacing is less expensive than installing all new cabinets.

Refacing your kitchen will add value, and it’s around 40 to 50% cheaper than a complete kitchen renovation, it’s the more profitable and cost-effective solution.

Cabinet refacing is less waste.

When you choose to reface your cabinets instead of completely replacing them, you’ve kept cabinet boxes out of a landfill and you’ve conserved the materials and energy it would have taken to create new ones. Your kitchen looks completely new, and your remodeling project was eco-friendly.

Cabinet refacing is less disruptive than cabinet replacing.

Our team will measure, build, and paint and/or stain your cabinets off site. Installation will typically take between 2-4 days.

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