Custom Built Cabinets

We are proud of our custom-built cabinets. You can be certain that our custom-built cabinets are built to last and provide great value for top quality cabinets.

Maple is the most common material we work with, with White Oak a second for stained projects. Either way our cabinets are built with ¾” hardwood lumber frames, and ¾” solid hardwood (typical Maple) plywood sides. Our frames are assembled and attached to the boxes with hidden pocket screws which ensures long term integrity of the cabinets. Our custom-built cabinets never utilize any MDF.

As with everything we do, our new cabinets are finished in any solid color or stain with Conversion Varnish which is basically lacquer with an epoxy hardener. Custom colors are available, and we provide a limited 10-year warranty for the finish. Finish warranty coverage and limitations are spelled out in our customer proposals. The primary exclusions are for gouging and water damage.

We are set up to take on complete kitchen cabinet replacement, and we will build new cabinets to replace individual cabinets such as an oven case, a pantry, or a new island if part of a kitchen refacing project. We are not set up to provide individual cabinets unless they are part of a kitchen refacing project. For example, if you are looking to replace an oven cabinet by itself, we cannot help you

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